Took a broom tying class at Central Virginia Blacksmith Guild's Banton-Smith Center for Blacksmith & Metal Arts on Saturday April 15th. These are the results. Forged the handles. Made a couple of specialty tools. Tied the broom.

Bottle Opener


14 weeks

Thanks to my employer I have the opportunity to participate in the Visual Arts Center's Craft + Design Show again this year. Here are the first two pieces completed. On the left is a bottle opener. On the right is a corkscrew.

The Lion's Paw

Took a hammer smithing class Saturday. This is the hammer I forged. My new 1.5lb square faced crosspein. 

Brunaidh (Troupe goblyn#1)

This is the one that sold. O1 tool steel blade, deer antler handle, copper pin, shaped & hammer textured copper guard, & raised and repousse/chased copper pommel. Custom made and fitted leather sheath.

At the Visual Arts Center Craft + Design Show

Only five blades made the final cut. Of these on the one at bottom right sold.
The other four are available.

Progress: 5 Weeks left

Five weeks left til show. I am nearly finished with the 9 blades. I need to stamp & heat treat this Friday. Any that are not ready will be set aside for now.

Seven weeks left

Troll (Troupe goblyn#2)

Early progress shot.

Day 12: 8 weeks left

Lots of forging done. 8 in progress. Some changes made. Still planning to have 9 for the show.

Day 11

Burned up a blade today while drawing out the tang. That's 3 down.
I am planning to have 9 finished for the show. So, I have a little more forging to do.

Day 10: Nine weeks to go

Eight, would have been nine but I broke another one. Snapped the tang too close to the blade to salvage right now. may be able to do something with it later.

Day 8

A little mid week progress.

Day 7: Starting to Shape Up

Seven (1 not shown) pieces at various stages of shaping. I plan to finish up all forging next weekend. Then on to grinding/shaping, stamping,and heat treating.

Day 6: Ten weeks to go

More progress. 2 are almost ready for grinding.

Day 5: Lesson Learned

It is ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.

Day 3. Eleven weeks to go.

One blade of O1 roughed out, another begun, and one of 5160 in progress as well. The first will probably have a deer antler handle. Going to attempt something a little different with the second. The third will be all one piece with a forged grip.

Day 2. Twelve weeks left.

A ring of coil spring and another straightened out. They are 5160 steel and will become many knives.
First blade in progress. This one is O1 tool steel.

Upcoming Show

Through my employer I have the opportunity to participate in the Visual Arts Center of Richmond's 48th Annual Craft + Design Show this November. Yesterday was my first day at the forge to create new pieces for the show. I will be forging knives. Not much to show yet but I intend to document my progress here.

Work in progress

A grotesque. Part of a larger piece.

2010 Knife

Forged tool steel, copper, nickle silver, deer antler

Forged Easel for BUGSSS

Forged & painted rebar easel for my wife to display her BUGSSS.
More to come.


moth wings
(#5 in the Troupe series)


Luna necklace made for my wonderful wife, Bugsss.
She has worn it to the "Butterfly Ball" and to "Farewell to our Fluttering Friends".
Nickle Silver


Pwcas (=Welsh; phooka=Irish; pucca/Puck=English; puki=Norse) are mischievous spirits. Though these particular ones can be kept happy and helpful by finding them and keeping them close, say on a keychain or a necklace or a bookbag.
Can be found around the city or even in the mountains.
Forged steel
(#6 in the Troupe series)

Oberon's Crown

(#1 in the Troupe series)

Jawbone Brooch

Fish jawbone, nickle silver, blackened brass, gold-plated brass

Letter Ornaments


Repousse Skull


Kerr Tartan Maille

Anodized aluminum

Forged Chopper

Forged tool steel

Branham Knife

Deer antler, Corian, forged Twisted Nickel

Sgian Dubh

Deer antler, nickle silver, forged tool steel

Blue Skinner

Patch Knife

Maple burl, copper, forged tool steel

Manteo Knife

Ebony, copper, Corian, forged tool steel

Horn Skinner

Springbok horn, brass, forged chainsaw blade

Laura's Knife

Ficus, silver, nickle silver, gemstones, forged chainsaw blade

First Forged Knife

Cattle horn, deer antler, brass, nickle silver, forged tool steel