Oberon's Crown

(#1 in the Troupe series)


the Faerykin said...

How many years old are these things?

Lionheart said...

Oberon's Crown (T#1)=2008
Jawbone Brooch=2009
Letter Ornaments=2008
Repousse Skull=2008
Kerr Tartan Maille=ongoing
Forged Chopper=early 00s
Branham Knife=early 00s
Sgian Dubh=2000
Blue Skinner=2000
Patch Knife=2000
Manteo Knife=2000
Horn Skinner=late 90s
Laura's Knife=late 90s
First Forged Knife=late 90s
Egg Skinner=late 90s
Three Hole Skinner=late 90s
Double Horn Knife=early 90s
Horn Folding Knife=early 90s